40 Hot Fireplace Ideas for a Cool, Sexy Space

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The latest fireplace trends include clean lines and timeless materials.

Who says a fireplace should be enjoyed only during the winter? We’ve got some hot fireplace ideas that are bound to inspire you year round.

These contemporary fireplaces are sleek and sexy. The latest trends involve minimalistic, clean lines, timeless materials and the utmost in beauty and efficiency. To truly enjoy such a beautiful design element in a room, make your fireplace the centerpiece. Ways to achieve this include:

Installing accent lighting to highlight the fireplaceOffsetting the fireplace in a geometric designPainting or tiling the fireplace wall in a bold, contrasting colorAdding a mantel over the fireplaceAdding a slab ledge for seating

If you are an apartment dweller or don’t have a wood-burning fireplace, you can still have a modern, beautiful fireplace in your home. The post The Best Electric Fireplaces to Warm Up Your Space has plenty of apartment-friendly options. Here are some of the best fireplace ideas in the design world today.

Glass Enclosure Fireplace Ideas:

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This industrial chic look features concrete and stainless hardware details.

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Glass adds polish to this rustic living room.

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Here’s an inviting (and safe) place to cozy up to the fire, thanks to a glass enclosure.

Hanging Fireplace Ideas:

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Danish modern design is at its best in this funky lounge area.

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A minimalist, cylindrical hanging fireplace is unexpected and cool.

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The fireplace design warms the room without detracting from the view.

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A small-scale hanging fireplace burns smoke-free ethanol instead of wood.

Metal Fireplace Ideas:

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Sleek, stainless steel fireplace framing adds polish to the room.

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A handcrafted, artisanal metal fireplace facade is dramatic.

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The metal hood over this fireplace is a sculptural work of art.

Collect this ideamodusdesignmodusdesign

This fireplace combines polished copper and black zinc.

Indoor Fire Pit Ideas:

Collect this ideanovoceram mainnovoceram main

Warmth can be enjoyed from anywhere around this fire pit.

Collect this ideaOct 16, 2015 03-36-18Oct 16, 2015 03-36-18

This ’70s lounge area’s most popular zone is the fire pit.

Collect this ideaindoor firepitindoor firepit

A round indoor fire pit breaks up the home’s hard angles.

Linear Fireplace Ideas:

Collect this ideamodern fpmodern fp

The mod living room’s highlight is the long, linear fireplace.

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This long, linear fireplace features rounded detail.

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A linear fireplace wall offers both bold impact and storage space.

Bathroom Fireplace Ideas:

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The homeowner’s toughest choice is whether to admire the view of the fire or of the landscape outside.

Collect this idealuxury bathluxury bath

The fireplace adds warmth to this modern bathroom.

Bedroom Fireplace Ideas:

Collect this ideabedroom hangingbedroom hanging

The metal hanging fireplace floats in this airy bedroom.

Collect this ideabed dividerbed divider

This bedroom has a warming fireplace, media wall and room divider all in one.

Collect this ideabedroombedroom

A burnished metal fireplace complements the view.

TV Fireplace Wall Ideas:

Collect this ideamedia firemedia fire

This is the perfect design idea when warmth and entertainment shouldn’t compete.

Collect this ideamedia-wallmedia-wall

A contemporary and minimalist television and fireplace wall is both practical and interesting.

Kitchen Fireplace Ideas:

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A kitchen fireplace is the perfect spot for morning coffee or evening drinks.

Collect this ideakitchen glasskitchen glass

A countertop kitchen fireplace can be enjoyed from all angles.

Room-Dividing Fireplace Ideas:

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A perfectly scaled fireplace divides rooms without closing up the overall space.

Collect this ideadivider wall fireplacedivider wall fireplace

The latest trend in fireplace dividers create the illusion of a floating wall.

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A bed on one side and a bathtub on the other offer dual fireplace enjoyment.

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This modern fireplace room divider has a view to the other side.

Tall, Focal Fireplace Ideas:

Collect this ideatalltall

Contrasting stone to the ceiling creates a dramatic focal point.

Collect this ideatall metaltall metal

Danish mod meets bold in this minimalist look.

Collect this ideafocalfocal

Wood waves and textured mosaic tiles create a dramatic point of interest.

Round Fireplace Ideas:

Collect this idearoundround

The wood ledge shelf mirrors the lines of the round fireplace in this room.

Collect this ideahanging roundhanging round

A hanging round fireplace is a cool and space-saving idea.

Off-Center Fireplace Ideas:

Collect this ideatall offsettall offset

The tower of wood provides balance to the placement of this linear fireplace.

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A framed asymmetric fireplace creates a modern mantel.

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The weight of the offset fireplace is balanced by the hanging daybed.

Collect this ideacorner fireplacecorner fireplace

An off-center fireplace creates an inviting corner.

We hope we’ve warmed you up with some inspiration. Which of these fireplace ideas would you use to update your living area?

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